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The Eventive Xperience

Our Services

From the Initial Consultation to the Big Day, we are fully engaged every step of the way offering you a stress free planning experience for the entire process. We put in our heart, minds and all of our energy into creating authentic designs and thoughtful experiences custom made for the client.

Our Main Services

Thoughtful Planning

We aim to please all five human senses of our clients with our thoughtful planning service. Our carefully curated vendor list and team players are selected to appeal to your Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Touch and the sixth sense of not knowing what exactly to pin point but you strongly believe was present. From the concept creation till the final deliverables are received, we simply plan for you with you in mind.

The Eventive Xperience
The Eventive Xperience

Flawless Coordination

This package is a piece of mind essential meant for our DIY (Do It Yourself) clients who have planned a majority of the event and need help putting together the final bits on their special day.

Intricate Designing

We love intimate and Micro event styling just as much as we love grand event styling. We go out of our way to appeal to 3 of your human senses, i.e. touch, sight and feel, ultimately to offer that feeling of complete exclusivity to your event.

The Eventive Xperience

A La Carte


Is there an extra fee for destination?

Depending on your destination and number of days, transportation and accommodation fees apply.

Can you check out our venue?

Only after you have paid the security deposit. Please note that all payments must be fully paid at least a week before the Event date.

How many months prior to our event should we book you?

The earlier, the better, we like to stay ahead of time. This gives us more time to plan and design every single detail for your big event.

How many events per day do you book?

We only book one event per day and in case of a destination event, depending on the location and work required, we are likely to block out a week for one event. We offer seamless and flawless results therefore we would rather have an undivided attention in order to stay focused on one event at a time.

Many event planners only work with exclusive vendors, does that mean I can’t use the ideas and vendors that I already have in mind?

As much as we have our very own list of esteemed preferred vendors, we have no problem with working with the ones that you already have in mind or have carefully selected, All we need is their co-operation to enable us work as a team.

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