The Eventive Xperience

The Black and Gold party

Jennifer’s 30th birthday dinner

Jennifer stayed in touch after a friend recommended my services to her. Right from our first chat, I knew this was going to be another beautiful project to work on. “It’s my big 30 as well as our first year anniversary so it’s a very special day. I want it black and gold, classy and inviting “ She said.

I got my date noted and realised I had 3 weeks to work with Jennifer and create a magical moment in there for her. We went through a couple of my previous works but I recommended she put together an inspiration of her own as that will inform me what her preferences are. We put together a mood board and she was so excited about it.

I decided to introduce name cards, looking like cute menu cards but mini enough to fit in a purse or wallet. Jennifer loved the idea and to blow her mind I told her we would put together a custom message for each guest.

This wasn’t an easy task but it was such a fun process. We stayed long on the phone after Jennifer had put together her guest list for my little surprise. Guests after guests, one after the other, Jennifer had to tell me something unique about each one of her 40 guests.

She was a delight to work with. She had great sense of humour and that put my creative mind at ease. Her personality was lovely.

The D-day came and my team and I loaded out truck and left to the agreed venue. We went from covering the floor with a custom art work that was matching with the artistic them we had, to the draping of the canopy, fixing the lights, setting up the tablescape  in the agreed black and gold theme to our final touch, the name cards.

When night fell, the lighting lit up the whole neighborhood. It was a beautiful feeling to see how guests loved the results of our work. I wish I could count the number of times I was told how creative and thoughtful the concept of the name cards were.

I guess we can go ahead to mark ourselves: simple – checked , Classy – checked, Inviting – Double checked.


Mrs Jennifer Asime

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  1. She brings difference to any event. My heart was filled with pride on that special occasion. I can not WAIT for her to organize something else for me.

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