The Eventive Xperience

Surprise Private and Intimate Dinner Party

In less than 24 hours, we collaborated with our good friend and florist, Michelle, of Sabielle events to nail this urgent task.

The brief was “keep it classy”. As simple as it sounded, it was a bit of a challenge putting vendors together under such a short notice but we love challenges and we nailed it.

Unaware of who the celebrant was and what her preferences and taste was, we had to come up with something visually stunning. It was an outdoor dinner for 10. During the day, the event design didn’t speak much until night fell and the our little dinner grounds got lit.

It was a minimalist set up with a daring pop of color. A beautiful combination of fairy lights and chandeliers carefully placed in between the white wavy drapery on the red wood pergola. Our white farm table was flooded with ghost chairs so all attention could remain on our colorful table setting. Luxury gold cutlery set with gold under plates, gold rim glasses complimented our colorful plate set and fuchsia napkins. We lined up an eye pleasing array of glass vases lined with greens,  filled with faux fuchsia flowers with a mix of white baby’s breadth together with tall 7 headed candelabras. Such beauty!

Our set up was flung by the food table, the cocktail bar and they complimented the table perfectly.

The melodious voice of Susan August from the acoustic performance added that feminine touch of intimacy to the visuals my team and I had created.

Enough of the adjectives, enjoy the visuals from our Private and Intimate dinner setting made for Ghana’s celebrity actress, Jackie Appiah.