The Eventive Xperience

Joshua & Verna (#Versakyiinthewoods)

Wedding in the Woods

Wondering how I came up with the wedding hashtag for the Photographer and the Bridal Shower guest? I bet you didn’t know that’s how Joshua and Verna met. YES, everything about these two screams WEDDING, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s me continue my story!

 The couple had contemplated on a number of hashtags and had finally settled on #Versakyi. We visited the venue and as we took a walk around Rufus Green Parks, I jokingly said, “Fam, this is gonna be Versakyi in the woods”. We laughed it off but Joshua and Verna loved the idea and as we left the Venue we started addressing the wedding as “Versakyi in the woods” and guess what? It officially became the wedding hashtag.

I remember May 4th, 2019 vividly especially as it rained most part of the morning. A worried bride and a Super pumped Planner don’t gel together. I had a pep talk with Verna and told her everything was going to go as planned no matter what the weather looked like. I made her understand that the most important part about that day was she getting married to her beloved Joshua.

May 4th happens to be Joshua’s birthday as well. Verna got her bridesmaids to surprise him with a birthday song and a beautiful cake to enjoy with his groomsmen in their chalet. For me it was how his face lit up at the sight of his bride’s thoughtful gesture.

I had a call from the MC checking in on the bride and asking if we were aware of the rains at the venue. My response was pretty simple, “The Bride is ready to get married and party in the rain, I’m ready to nail this wedding. Are you ready?” His response was affirmative as he could tell the optimism in my voice.

The rains stopped few hours to the start of the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was held in the beautiful gardens of Rufus Green parks. Every angle, every shot, every smile was picture perfect The reception started with an energetic entrance from the bridal party in an enchanting lilac and silver rustic wedding set up by a well-lit water side. As if that was not a good enough cue to a fun reception, the couple had LED party glasses given to the youthful guests. With good music from one of the best DJs in Ghana and tasty food, permit me to borrow the words of John legend. It was the best night we’ve ever had.

Enjoy a few shots from our Versakyi in the woods file.