The Eventive Xperience

David & Hilda – #DaveontheHil

A fairytale come alive

It was a privilege to plan the wedding of David and Hilda who had been lovers all the way back from high school and had kept their love candle burning over the years.

I admire how David was so involved in anything that concerned Hilda so much so that He personally made sure we found the perfect venue for her bridal shower. Dave actually wanted to stay in during Hilda’s bridal shower just to sit and watch how excited she was but the ladies would not permit him.

The couple had already decided on their hashtag so I hit the ground running with Hilda’s Bridal shower on the hill somewhere in McCarthy Hills. Interestingly, the venue we booked for the surprise bridal shower was called Luxury on the hill. Was it intentional or was it a co-incidence? I honestly thinks that’s Precision. It was a fun period from a pool side party with lots of food, to a late night dinner with lots of gifts, a slumper party filled with funny girly conversations and we ended it with an unplanned kenkey feast. Who puts all that fun together just for a bridal shower. If its inspired by the Bride, why not?

There was a beautiful display of culture with the drumming and dancing at the traditional marriage that was beautifully set up in a rustic theme with hints of red and burnt orange.

The white wedding was a fairy tale come alive as Hilda walked in with her beautiful gown beaded with Swarovski gems by Valdrin Sahiti. She understood the assignment and she looked the part. Daddy’s Princess became David’s queen at the altar.

Romantic Dave had us surprise Hilda at the wedding reception with a lovely, heart- felt spoken word to Hilda to give her all the assurance she needs. They had a beautiful first dance as Hilda later changed into a sparkling crystal beaded red dress.

Enjoy fun shots from the gallery of David and Hilda.